Top 3 Essential Data Security Measures to be implemented by the Small Businesses

For small business owners data security should always be an important area of concern. Modern small businesses solely run on a computer system which stores the data like financial information, inventory records, customer information and much more. Any breach in such system can seriously jeopardise your business and can even results in hundreds of dollars of losses within few hours. SupportSapiens offers data security services which are aimed at safeguarding and protecting the small businesses data from any kind of attack. Our experts have put forward top 3 essential data security measures which ought to be implemented by the small businesses.

1. Establish strong passwords

The best way to strengthen the security of any business entity is to establish strong passwords within the organisation. It is better to use a combination of capital and small letters along with numbers and symbols which is nothing in between 8 to 12 characters at the most. While creating a password avoid making use of any personal data such as birthdate, don’t spell common words backwards and certainly don’t make use of the sequence of number or characters present closely on the keyboard.

2. Install Antivirus protection

When it comes to data security having an antivirus or anti-malware software on your system will help in safeguarding it from unwanted threats, attacks and intrusions. A recent surge in the ransomware has left millions of users inaccessible to their very own data as this malware compels them to pay a ransom in order to get back the access to it.

For a small business losing access to the data pertaining to business records, transactions, customer’s data and others can result in making or breaking the business as a whole. SupportSapiens offers high-end antivirus solutions backed with stringent data security features which keep your systems from the harm’s way through the use of modern intrusion detection system.

3. Backup regularly

Businesses should make it a mandatory exercise to backups the important files and data on an external hard drive on a regular basis. Even storing the backups in cloud storage will be painless way of ensuring data safety but this should be coupled with a strong password. Make it a practice to perform complete backup of servers weekly, incremental backup should be done every night while personal computers and other devices present should be backed up on weekly basis. You can even make of the data recovery services wherein your data is synced on the cloud in real time and you will be able to retrieve data as well if you lose it.


Boost your Productivity with 5 MS Word Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Word is still one of the most preferred word processing applications in the world. Most of the users don’t understand the full extent of the features of this application which results in using complex and tough-to-do methods for performing simple tasks. Our experts at SupportSapiens offers 5 MS Word tips and tricks which will help in boosting your productivity top the next level.

1. Auto-generate Nonsense Text

If you need type in gibberish into the document then there is no need to keep hitting the keys lines after lines. You can add the useful Lorem Ipsum content right into your document by simply typing =lorem(p,l), herein you will have to replace ‘p’ with the number of paragraphs and ‘l’ for the number of lines. Now press enter and you will get the document filled with Lorem Ipsum rather than some unwanted and unceremoniously organised text.

2. Add a Calculator

A number of times we have to deal with some arithmetic content or simply have to jumble some hard figure together. Rather than taking help of the native calculator program users can add a ‘calculator’ to their document. Go to the File followed by Options, Quick Access Toolbar, All Commands and give a click on Calculate Command. This will help in bringing the calculator to the Quick Access Toolbar and you can get the results for arithmetic equation simply highlighting them and clicking on the circle.

3. Type anywhere you like

Microsoft now allows users to make use of Word just like a whiteboard which means user can place text anywhere on the page. In order to type in anywhere on the screen simply click twice on the spot you like and you will get text cursor signifying you can type in now.

4. Single click is enough to highlight an Entire sentence

You can highlight an entire sentence in single go without the need of clicking and dragging along the line with a new command. Simply hold the Ctrl key and click on any word and it will highlight the entire sentence for you. It is a simple and smart way to get the editing at a faster pace.

5. Convert document into PDF or HTML doc

Microsoft Word now allows user to convert their documents into PDF or HTML files with just a few click. Once you are finished with writing then head onto ‘save as’ option in the File menu, now a dialogue box will appear on the screen, scroll in the ‘Save as type’ pull down menu and look for the option PDF or Web Page.

SupportSapiens offers extensive software application support for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications. Our experts and technicians can help in finding the best way to perform the complex tasks and they can help in resolving critical issues quickly as well.

5 Most Common Types of Network Issues

SupportSapiens offer effective and comprehensive Wi-Fi & home network services to ensure that you get reliable and consistent network connectivity. Here is the list of some of the most common types of network issues faced by the users on regular basis.

1. Cable Problem

The most likely reason behind persistent network issues in any household or office happens to be the fault in the cables. Over the time the cable laid down top connect the different devices with a single network source can be cut or shorted. This results in short wherein the flow of the signal is hampered as the wire conductor comes in contact with another conductive surface.

The problems associated with cable are immense which range from cuts in the cable, cable shorts, connector problems and incorrect cable connections. Finding the exact cable issue is a tricky business even for the expert network cable experts.

2. Connectivity problems

Most of the users suffer from connectivity woes which turn into a predominant network issue. A connectivity problem arises when one or more devices are unable to connect with the connectivity competent like a router, hub or switch. It might be a result of change made in the configuration of the device or some other parameter being changes or due to the physical hindrance in the disbursement of the connectivity signals.

3. Software Problems

A number of times users have bear with bad network or no network due to some unwanted software issue. These issues can easily be traced to the software configuration such as DNS configuration, the registry, WINS configuration and others.

4. Multiple network collisions

A number of users suffer for consistent slower network connectivity due to excessive network collisions. This problem usually stems from the bead network setup or plan or simply a user engaging in transferring huge amount of information through the network. It can even result from jabbering network card wherein network card I simply stuck in the transmit mode. When a Wi-Fi or network card is stuck in the jabbering mode then it can be identified by the constantly on transmit light on the device.

5. Duplicate IP Addressing

It has been found users with multiple devices within a household or office gets into a situation wherein two machines try to use the same IP address. This results in intermittent communication which seriously limits the network connectivity.

Our SupportSapiens network and security professionals help in keeping a tab on all these issues which will result in sublime network experience.

Why the operating system of your computer needs support?

The operating system of OS is one of the most important components of your computer. It makes your device run so that you can enjoy the facilities the device offer. An OS is not specific to a particular device; rather all digital devices are powered by operating systems. SupportSapiens offers effective and comprehensive operating system support services to make sure that the OS is running and functioning properly.

Some information about us

At SupportSapiens, we have been providing operating system support for a long time. Hence, we have gained enough expertise and experience on the topic. As a result, we can anticipate the problems you may have and offer complete assistance for the glitches you are facing. Now to answer the above-mentioned question, when a device is loaded with an operating system, it has access to a particular version of the OS. Over the years, newer and better versions of the OS come out.

Delving deeper into the concept

If you are wondering about the introduction of newer and better versions of an operating system, then a little explanation will help. When a program is created for the first time, it is anticipated to deal with and resolve the existing software related problems. These solutions remain active for a certain period of time, and after that newer problems crop up. The OS which has been made to counter the problems of a particular time period turns out ill-equipped to handle the newer and more powerful problems. This is because the people who are creating these glitches are always trying to outnumber and outmaneuver the counter-attacks. In such a situation, operating system support can help a lot.

Little explanation and ensuing assistance

This is due to the fact that, the OS you have will turn weaker and eventually redundant after some time. It will harm your device by corrupting the data and making the whole system vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If, you are not an expert then knowing about the newer version of an OS and updating the old one can be tough. If you are an expert, then also managing everything can prove to be too much. In such a situation, operating system support is the best choice. The resolution specialist from a reliable and reputed company like SupportSapiens will prove to be of great help. He/she will know what is wrong with your device and provide the perfect solution.

Making the smart decision

Choosing operating system support will ensure that, your device functions smoothly and without interruption for a longer period of time. This way, you can enjoy the conveniences provided by a digital device and keep your data safe.

Are managed security services reliable enough?

The number, frequency and complications of cyber-attacks and crimes are growing in an alarming rate. Someone with access to powerful enough software, programs or systems can access your devices and networks through single or multiple channels and steal information and mess the system. Being someone not associated with anything important or sensitive, you may think such a breach is not something to worry about and that will be wrong. The information have stored in your device can be used in a number of malicious ways. Hence, you need managed security services by SupportSapiens.

Our take on the subject

Hiring managed security services may seem to be a bit unnecessary from the outset, but if you delve deeper, the larger picture will become clear. At SupportSapiens, we have been providing managed security services and assistances for a long time. Hence, we understand as soon as one hears the term, they tend to think that these services are designed for offices and organisations. We would like to inform that, these services are equally applicable for home systems if you want.

The ways we will assist you

Under the services, we will monitor and review your system to detect the threats and remove them. We will also manage your firewall to stop ill-intended programs from getting in and disrupting the system. In short, at SupportSapiens, you will get complete, consolidated and effective services that will manage your security. The process will make things interesting, convenient and way more secure than it used to be. Yes, you will have to spend money to avail the service, but the facilities will far outweigh the investment.

Finding the most suitable option

Now to answer the above-mentioned question we would like to say that, when you are entrusting someone else to look after and managing the security of your device, network or systems, being careful is the first step. So, it will be smart to choose the service provider based on their reputation, reliability, track record and recommendations instead of the brand name and the prestige associated with it. When it comes to the security of your device, only a well-known and trustworthy company is the best option.

Making the conclusive decision

So, at SupportSapiens we would suggest that you do some research and shortlist the most suitable ones. Based on this list, you will be able to choose the one that seems to be the best. Therefore, it can be easily said that, if you choose right after doing thorough research, then hiring managed security services is indeed reliable.

Disaster Recovery – The Perfect Solution to Deal with Data Loss

The data you have acquired and stored in your devices can be lost at any point and without even a moment’s notice. The reason behind the loss of data can both be natural or man-made or both. Either way, you cannot know or predict when the data will be lost. To stop the data loss, you can always choose to data security, but if you start right at this moment, still there will be some data you have already lost. To solve that problem, at SupportSapiens, we offer disaster recovery services.

Some information about us

We are SupportSapiens and we have been associated with the industry for a long time. We provide an array of support and assistance services helping both home owners and small and home businesses. Our long association with the industry has resulted in our experience and expertise on the subject. Over the years, we have recovered data for a number of clients and have gained the reputation we enjoy today. In this context, we would like to point out that, disaster recovery is a really complicated process.

Intricacies of the process and beyond

The service we provide won’t let you feel the difficulties, but there is no denying the fact that, the process itself is quite intricate. Under this process, our team of experts employs state-of-the-art and latest technologies to recover the data you have lost. As a result, you can regain all those important documents, photos, memories and whatever else has been lost. We have a team of dedicated, capable, experienced and some of the best professionals in the industry. Our team is quite capable of understating your requirements and salvaging the lost data in the best possible way. Therefore, choosing the disaster recovery service provided by SupportSapiens will prove to be a smart decision.

Making a smart and beneficial decision

To gather more information about our services you can visit our website or contact us directly. Our technical representatives will ensure that you problem is addressed in the most professional way and is solved in the best possible way as well. In most of the cases, our team or representative does not need to visit your place to physically check the devices and provide disaster recovery services, but in certain cases, if required they can come to the address you provide. All our services have been competitively priced. Hence, you can enjoy the benefits of disaster recovery services without spending too much money. Choosing the service from SupportSpaiens will prove to be the perfect solution as well.

Why do you need printer and scanner support from SupportSapiens?

Printer and scanners are two of the most used and important devices in the world these days. Whether it is an organization or your home, having these two devices have made life more convenient than ever before. With the help of these devices, you can convert any paper files into digital ones and vice versa. Now, having the devices is not the end of the matter, because support for them is required too and SupportSapiens provides premium quality support service for such devise.

Some explanation and information

If you are wondering why this sort of support is required, then there are some reasons behind such a decision too. We at SupportSapiens, have been providing services for various devise for a long time. Hence, we have the experience and expertise to fulfill your requirements. Additionally, we can answer the questions you are having. Having proper information will help you to make the right decision.

The installation and support process

When you are buying a scanner or printer of both, the first thing needed is installation. The installation process is divided in two sections the hardware part and the software part. The hardware part includes setting up the connection, connecting the wires and such and the software section requires installing one or multiple programs making the device compatible with your computer or laptop or any other digital device. Managing both these parts is not an easy task. Unless you are expert, this can turn more complicated and problematic than you thought. This is why; SupportSapiens is here to help.

How we can help you

Our team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals provides complete support for the devices including installation. So, you have bought the device and want it to be installed, we can help with that. If there is some problem with the machine or it is not performing smoothly, then also we are here to assist. If the software section is experiencing some problem or needs to be updated, our experts will take care of that too. To avail the services, you just need to contact us and we will take care of the problem you are having.

Our support and services are of high-quality

SupportSapiens provides assistance and support services for most of the major printer and scanner brands. So, there is no need to worry whether we can help with your particular brand of device or not. We use latest and high-end technologies to make sure than you get the best, most effective and affordable services. You need support for your printer and scanner to ensure longer life and better functioning of them.

Why support for the OS you use is a wise decision?

OS or operating system is the main element of the digital devices you use. Without OS, no device can function. Hence, it is crucial to take proper care of your OS. It is a part of your computer, laptop, tablet computer and even smartphone and in most of the cases, it comes pre-loaded. All you need to do is use the device and maintain it properly and SupportSapiens provide complete assistance for that.

The not so easy task

It may seem that managing and maintaining operating systems is an easy task, but the truth is more complicated than that. If you are not an expert, then, handling the various areas and requirements of the operating system won’t be easy. Moreover, not maintaining the OS properly will make your device slow, it will start malfunctioning and chances of ill-intended attacks will grow manifold. At SupportSapiens, it is our job to ensure that both the OS and the device is in pristine working order always.

Our aim of helping our clients

From the very beginning, it has been our aim at SupportSapiens to provide our clients with the most effective and consolidated OS support system and services. Over the years, we have been fulfilling that aim and dream and helping a lot of clients. We have a team of some of the best experts in the industry, who does not only understand the problems an ill-kept OS can pose, but can solve those problems promptly and effectively as well. To avail their services, you just need to contact us.

Our services are effective and all encompassing

We offer the operating system support and services for all major OS available in the market. So, notwithstanding the device you have and the OS powering it, we will be able to help. We install all the service packs and patches of the operating system; configure the device for peripheral gadgets like printer, scanner, speaker phones, cameras and many more. We update and install the device drivers for the above-mentioned peripherals as well. Scanning your devices for virus, malware, ransom-ware and such ill-intended programs, detecting and removing them are also services that we provide. In short, at SupportSapiens, it is our job to ensure that the device or devices you are using are always in perfect order and does not create any issues.

Choosing the right option for better results

So, if you do not have the required expertise to handle the issues the operating system in your device can pose, but want a smooth functioning devices always, then seeking professional help from SupportSapiens will be the smartest thing to do. We will take care of the problem and help you.

Resolving network problems easily with SupportSapiens

It is crucial in this modern age to remain connected with the world and for that, the internet is the best choice. Despite providing convenient, simple and effective connection with the rest if the world, internet connection and Wi-Fi network can get disrupted. At SupportSapiens, it is our job to ensure uninterrupted reliable internet connection for you.

Who are we and how we will help you

From the very beginning, SupportSapiens has been providing support and solution to various technical and software problems you may be facing regarding your internet connection, whether it is wired or wireless. These interruptions can happen due to various reasons including virus, software patches, configuration issues and such. Without experience and knowledge, it is quite tough to determine the issue and find the perfect resolution. Hence, you need to depend on professionals to do the job.

Our team and the support it provides

At SupportSapiens, we have a team of some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. Therefore, we provide effective and competent solutions for your network and Wi-Fi problems. Our team deal with the various problems and issues either by visiting your place or remotely. In certain cases, doing things remotely is the best possible option and in certain others, examining systems, networks and devices in person is required. We are well versed and prepared for both of them.

How our experts will be working

When contacted, we first determine the seriousness of the problems and then decide whether the service will be remote or should be done in person. Once this part is over too, we get on with the service, providing the required solutions and ensure uninterrupted internet connection for you. If you haven’t experienced spotty internet connection, despite spending a lot of money in one of the best and high-speed connections, you can experience problems due an array of reasons. So, it is always better to remain prepared or know how to find the solution. SupportSapiens provides the support you have been looking for.

Uninterrupted internet connection and experience for you

It is our job at SupportSapiens to ensure that your problems are solved properly and effectively. So, once you have contacted us, informed about the problems you are having and hired our service, there is no need to worry about anything anymore. Our skilled and competent technicians will take care of everything, ensuring uninterrupted internet browsing experience for you. Now, remaining connected with the rest of the world will be a breeze.

Effective and complete PC optimization from SupportSapiens

Personal computers of PCs have become one of the most important parts of everyday human life these days. They are widely used both in office and at homes. A large number of homes now have at least one computer. Modern life, it seems, is revolving with and around this particular device. In such a situation, having a slow computer with multiple issues is not a desirable thing. Hence, SupportSapiens brings you the complete and reliable PC optimization service.

The scenario as it is

Sluggish and malfunctioning computers are more common than you know. Some people have the required knowledge and experience to optimize the device and the others don’t. There are also cases where people are not even aware that they PC is not in perfect functioning order and it can deliver more than what it is doing at the moment. At SupportSapiens, it is our job to provide you with the assistance and help you get the best out of the computer.

The problems and our assistance of solution

When you are using a computer for a long time without updating or changing any of the features, its performance will start to dwindle and that won’t be a nice thing. At home, it may be the reason of some irritation and delay in certain works, but at office a slow computer can be the reason of losing a project or client. It is not very wise to let the problem fester. So, seeking professional help should be the step in such a situation and SupportSapiens will provide exactly that.

Some more info about us

We have been providing our support and service for quite a few years. Hence, we have both the experience and expertise to provide what you are looking for. Additionally, we can answer the queries cropping up in your mind. When your PC is optimized, it will function better and faster, boot time will be less, corruption of registry and such problems won’t occur and be it at home or office, you won’t have to deal with the a slow computer and the subsequent problems it will create.

The facilities you will have access to

By choosing the PC optimization service provided by SupportSapiens, you will have access to:

•    Effective management of your PC
•    Cleaning of the registry
•    Managing of programs
•    Reliable maintenance of system security
•    Optimization of PC memory
•    Customization of certain functions and features according to your requirement

Complete and effective solution

So, for complete PC optimization, SupportSapiens is the one stop shop for you. Our experts will take care of the problems and provide prompt solution for them. Additionally, our assistance is affordable, competent and reliable.